Are Skittles Vegan?

Are Skittles Vegan

If you are eating a vegan diet and you love Skittles, you may be wondering whether Skittles are vegan.

In this article, we will discuss what’s in Skittles and whether they are vegan-friendly candy or not.

What’s in a Skittle?

The confusion about whether Skittles are vegan or not arises from the fact that the Skittles formula has undergone changes over the years.

Most if not all Skittles were originally made using ingredients such as food coloring, gelatin, palm oil, and carmine. The inclusion of these ingredients in the manufacturing process of Skittles is what made them unsuitable for vegans. This is because ingredients such as gelatin and E120 (Carmine) are made from animal products such as bones and skin.

It is important to note that while palm oil is vegan from a pure dietary point of view, it is damaging to the environment. As a result, most vegans abstain from the consumption of palm oil for ethical reasons.

Are They Vegan or Not?

vegan skittles

The good news is that the Skittles you consume today are vegan.

Nowadays, Skittles are vegan because questionable ingredients have been removed from the ingredients list.

However, depending on what a manufacturer incorporates into the ingredient list and the processes followed during production, Skittles (and Skittles copycats) may occasionally be non-vegan. A glance on the ingredients list is always a good start if you want to double-check.

Vegan Skittles Alternatives

If you love Skittles but are not a fan of Mars, the company behind Skittles that has been linked to animal testing, there are ethical vegan Skittles alternatives you could try instead.

An example would be vegan fruit sweets by Wholesome. Wholesome Sweets is a company that makes its sweets using ingredients that are organically sourced. According to the company, their main aim is to provide “better for you” candies that are mindfully made.


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