Are French Fries Vegan? It Depends!

Are French Fries Vegan

It is hard to find someone who doesn’t love French fries. If you are vegan, however, you may be asking yourself “Are French fries vegan?”

We have looked into that for you and have answered the question below!

What’s in French Fries?

The vegan nature of fries really depends on the preparation process. Made from potatoes and fried in oil, it is easy to assume that fries are vegan. However, that is not always the case.

Some restaurants and food chains use non-vegan animal fat to give their fries a distinct taste.

Additionally, there is also the possibility that the French fries in restaurants are made with oils used to fry other items including meat products. This increases the likelihood of cross-contamination with non-vegan foods.

Are McDonald’s French Fries Vegan?

Are McDonald's French Fries Vegan

Sorry guys! McDonald’s fries are not vegan.

Previously, the fast-food chain reportedly used non-vegan animal fat (lard) to prepare their fries before switching to vegetable fat with a twist. They included natural beef flavor to give their fries the distinct taste that people associate with McDonald’s fries.

If you are vegan, the only place you can consume McDonald’s fries is in India where they are actually vegan. The reason for that is that in 2001 McDonald’s was sued by a group of Hindu customers over claims that their fries were vegan. A claim that was termed to be misleading for vegans and vegetarians.

Are They Vegan?

Normally, Yes! But it depends on how they are prepared.

Most restaurants prepare French fries that are 100% vegan. However, you should ask either the chef or waiter about the preparation process of the French fries to be sure.

The same goes for store-bought frozen French fries. Ensure that you read the product labels as some of the ingredients may not be vegan-friendly.  Frozen French fries, for example, can contain additives and anti-caking agents that contain animal ingredients.

The good news for vegans, however, is that if you make fries at home you can make them vegan and eat as many as you want.


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